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Outpatient Detox (OPD)

We specialize in personal and direct treatments for the detox from opiates, alcohol and benzodiazepines. Our medical professional take a one on one approach throughout the entire process and is available at all times during the detoxification period. It is very important to us that the client feels that they are receiving personal care from a highly trained doctor. Most clients can begin detox within hours after contacting us.

We utilize certain modalities including Suboxone in partnership and conjunction with our medical team and addiction professionals. We are here to assist with the physical consequences of detox and withdrawal. Our Outpatient Detox program can be the first step but is also a very small step in the entire recovery process.

The goal of any person who decides to use Suboxone should be to taper off Suboxone in a limited amount of time. Every persons history is different. You will work with our medical and clinical staff to determine how best to formulate an individualized timeline which will result in a complete taper of Suboxone. We do not encourage the long term use or maintenance of Suboxone. It is not realistic to believe that someone will be able to simply use Suboxone and expect to successfully detox. In essence, our Outpatient Detox program cover a small percentage of the recovery process.

We offer a supportive detox environment intended to provide medical stabilization and emotional support. This level of detox treatment can offer substantial benefits in that participants are able to be introduced into treatment while being stabilized with the least amount of medications necessary to safely overcome the withdrawal process without the additional financial and time commitment involved in attending a higher level of care.  Those recovering from a brief relapse or mild to moderate symptoms of withdrawal may benefit from this level of care without the need to attend inpatient detoxification. Based on a pre-screening assessment, we will determine if you are right for this level of care. If necessary we will refer you to an inpatient facility.

In order to truly have the greatest opportunity to remain sober throughout a lifetime you must also pursue additional treatment. The benefit of this type of  treatment is that it is done on an outpatient basis which enables you to detox in the privacy of your own home. Each person receives an individualized treatment program which assists in alleviating withdrawal symptoms and helps guide them toward learning the skills necessary to lead a healthy, balanced, drug-free life. They will need to learn how to cope with triggers, slips, and possible relapses so that they are fully prepared for their recovery and a completely sober lifestyle