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Why Does Adventure-Based Therapy Work?

Being in the outdoors gives you a chance to discover a number of very specific and mandatory truths. Without plumbing, beds, cell phones, grocery stores, television, or social media, you must learn to hydrate, feed, warm, provide comforts, and think for yourself – all while organizing your daily routine to serve not only yourself, but the needs of your group.

As you experience the rhythm of survival on nature’s terms, you begin to understand the concept of powerlessness and the need for manageability. This is the first of the 12 Steps. Through the beauty, peacefulness, and serenity of nature, the loneliness and solitude, and the removal of societal distractions, you will embrace the teachings behind the 12-Step philosophy.

While living in the outdoors, you experience many trials and challenges. Each night, you are given the opportunity to process with your group about how you handled those experiences, thus raising your awareness of yourself and the world around you. As part of your spiritual journey, we offer meditation groups and time for reflection. We also help you find what we call a “medicine spot,” a beautiful and powerful spot of your very own where you can reflect on your thoughts and write in a journal.

During this time, you also have the opportunity to explore your past behaviors and thoughts with the support of your group and staff, taking a fearless moral inventory of yourself. If you choose, you may share your personal inventory with your group, therapist, or other staff members.

Working through the first four steps of the 12-Step model of recovery brings about awareness, humility, and acceptance. Sharing ourselves truly with our community and a higher power brings about trust and support. The next step is to begin ridding ourselves of the “baggage,” or internal struggles, that we carry

The experience of being in nature is full of opportunities to meditate on and revisit who you were and who you may have harmed in our past.