A Florida Treatment & Detox Center

Opening Hours : 9.00 AM - 7 PM
  Contact : 561-328-7995


The Recovery House Treatment Center (TRH) is a healthcare institution that delivers quality, medically integrated personalized treatment for those suffering from addiction. TRH specializes in addictive disorders and other behavioral health issues such as mood disorders, depression, anxiety and trauma. TRH employes a team of highly qualified, compassionate individuals who share the desire to serve and assist our clients with addiction.

Many of the TRH staff including the founder have been through treatment and have many years of sobriety. We don’t believe that one specific program fits everyone. Here at TRH our clients health comes first. We’ve put together a few different programs that we feel are extremely effective. We also believe in getting our clients family’s highly involved. Studies have shown that when families are involved and the client has a good amount of support they have a higher chance of getting and staying sober. Click on this link to check out some of the programs that we offer.